Your Security Concierge

A mobile platform where a safety concierge  can be hired for Realtors® and Home Owners, at the push of a button.  

With Hawque, you have A bridge to help

Use our app or let our concierge team plan your detail for you.  You have a variety of options to utilize our services. No worries!

How the Hawque App works

Request a Hawque Pro, track and manage your

security. It’s that easy!

Online Booking

Flexible Scheduling

Get a free estimate and reserve online here, or contact us to facilitate your security detail for you with our network of licensed vendors.

Next-day details, episodic scheduling, 4 hours here and there—sometimes what a customer needs most is flexibility.  

Transparent Pricing

Resource Variety


Our all-inclusive in app rates and pay-as-you-go system mean that you only pay for the time your request requires, with no surprises.

For your security needs, you have the option of choosing a guard, police officer or bodyguard.  If none are available, contact us as we can assist with our vetted security vendor partners.

Featured News and Insights

Most people who experience a home invasion don't turn the nightmare into a business, but that's exactly what Hawque did


Ready to Get Started?

Hawque  is a concierge staffing  designed  service to help people and businesses stay safe and protect their assets


Step 1. Select a date and time for your visit.

Step 2. Request a Hawque Pro.

Step 3.  Choose a security option.

Step 3. Track your experience through the app.


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