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What Is #SafeATL?

SafeATL is a community initiative to enhance safety and peace of mind throughout Greater Atlanta.   


To support SafeATL, Hawque is providing:


  • Neighborhood security teams, upon request.  Most at significant discounts, some for free.

  • Free safety awareness and self-defense classes.

  • Town Hall Meetings on neighborhood safety.

  • Community Fund-Raising Drive.


During Super Bowl LIII, we showed the world what we can do when we come together toward a common goal.  We took a giant step toward becoming the ‘Big Event’ city in the US, with the Final Four to follow next year and the World Cup looming on the horizon.


But sadly, our city’s view of public safety and peace of mind has been compromised, particularly in recent weeks as a surge in car and home break-ins, muggings, and more violent crime has terrorized neighborhoods. 


Let’s Now Stay Together And Make Our Neighborhoods Safe Again!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi


Neighborhood by neighborhood, we at Hawque would like to rally and to help guide Atlanta toward a simple solution, one that puts the power of selection entirely in hands of neighborhoods and their residents, and we are offering to provide our services for free.

If you would like more security and peace of mind in your neighborhood, please accept our invitation and go here and complete the nomination form.  It should take you less than 10 minutes.  We have formed an Advisory Board of concerned citizens.   They will review the nomination forms and select which neighborhoods will be the early adopters of our #SafeATL program  

Our Promise:  If you engage with us – we will engage with and support you – WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” ― Sherry Anderson


If you own a business or know of any businesses or corporations that would like to help support the SafeATL movement through donations, grants or sponsorships please either fill out this form here.  


The more money we raise, the more free security services we can help facilitate for more neighborhoods in our city!  All donations will be tax deductibl.

Making A Difference 

Case Studies



Helping a community that couldn't help itself

Our team realized that several neighborhoods that were impacted by high crime wasn't using our services.  We engaged with the residents to see what their struggles where and how we could help.  

We later learned that they didn't have an HOA, a security patrol or even regular police presence in their neighborhood.  We knew we wanted to help in any way and offered them free security patrols, funded by Hawque.


We learned a lot during that time and assisted with deterring an attempted break-in to alerting local PD around a possible sex trafficking and prostitution ring to gang members casing the neighborhood portraying as home owners.  

Through SafeATL, we connected the neighborhood to its city council, local law enforcement Chief and team and also help construct their first organized HOA.  During our patrols, crime was reduced by over 75% and their active HOA Board have a sense of empowerment and are leading their own charge.

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