"Our goal is to make every neighborhood safe"

We are based in Atlanta, Georgia with a team that has one collective mission of making communities safer.  Our team is made up of former and current law enforcement officers, military veterans corporate professionals that are all connected around around one mission. 


At the core of all our values is the desire to continually transform communities into smart and safer communities through technology and people.  Our team will always remember why we are doing this and pushing our mission, helping people and our society.

We are lead by Chris Rich, Dave Tompkins, George GramaPatrick Kane, Nicole Christie, Mark MaturenJabir Hazziez and Delana Long.



After relocating to a new neighborhood that was gated, Chris Rich, CEO and Co-Founder had a sense of security while living in that community.  Sadly enough, Chris and his wife were victims of an attempted home invasion at 3:00am while home.

This incident changed their lives forever and woke them up around the reality of how helpless families really are to these type of incidents.  Immediately after this incident, they researched additional safety measures for their home and also noticed the barriers law enforcement had around their workforce as they couldn't promise additional patrols, per our founders request.  A feeling of helplessness was there for our founder and his wife after exhausting all possible options that were available.

Chris and his wife later relocated to Atlanta and got very involved with his community opposed to living in a bubble and being unaware.  Shortly after, he volunteered as security chair for his HOA for three years and this is where he recognized that this was a larger issue.  

The concept that there was a easier way to connect people to security when they needed it through technology was born, Hawque.  He knew that this would be a challenging journey to take but he also knew that it was something that was needed no matter the risk.  

Not long after launching Hawque, several success stories were created but most importantly, the sense of empowerment for our users was amazing.  Our social movement was started as this isn't just another technology firm, this is personal and our team wont' sleep until we help make other communities safer and smarter.

The Advisors

HAWQUE advisors consists of a team that have raised capital upwards of $200M+, Government Intelligence/Law Enforcement, international business and Venture Capitol partnership and exposure and have scaled a company from technology startup to 100+ employees.

Data shows that the raw numbers of police have declined over the past five years, and the rate of police officers per 1,000 residents has been dropping for two decades. At the same time, the violent crime rate has also dropped.


After at least 16 years of growing police agencies, the nation lost more than 23,000 officers from 2013 to 2016, according to a U.S. Justice Department survey, bringing the total down to about 700,000. Two-thirds of 397 law enforcement agencies reported in a December survey that they have seen a decrease in applicants compared to five years ago.

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