Smart Community Movement

The Quest for Digital Equity

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Equitable & Inclusive

Hawque aims to ensure advances in technology bring benefits to everyone by providing the infrastructure needed to collect and analyze data that can be used to develop innovative solutions to some of the smaller cities and community challenges.

Founder, Chris Rich stated at the 2019 Georgia Tech, Smart City Dialogue event, "You can't have smart cities unless you have smart communities."  We feel that all communities should be able to grow and have digital inclusion to this smart city movement as most urban communities are left out. George Grama, Hawque partner & CTO states that, "All communities, regardless of size or funding should have access to technology and be part of the ever evolving movement, digital inclusion is vital."

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Advocates for digital equity, as well as many public servants within governmental tech and innovation departments, stress that this issue has grown into one that is vital for the success of our communities, and it will become even more important as technology continues to advance and services continue to migrate online.


Overcoming major obstacles — such as having adequate security in our communities — positively impacts communities, leading to kids doing better in school, car insurance decreases, increasing home sales in safer areas, driving development dollars for that community, and adults being able to get and keep better jobs, said Angela Siefer, executive director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, a nonprofit group that advocates for digital equity.

Hawque envisions communities being able to tap into a myriad of solutions and/or providers to avoid being excluded from this digital movement.  All communities deserve to have the same technology, jobs and innovation as bigger, richer cities. Safety is a big issue that Hawque plans to help tackle before it starts to impact peoples way of life on a larger scale. 


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