Become a Hawque Pro

Earn up to $17+/Hr by helping users and businesses with open house showings, property security, personal protection, event security.

Being a Hawque Pro is a special thing, and is rewarding in many ways you might not expect

Benefits of becoming a Hawque Pro

Great Source of Income

Earn extra money while you’re not working your day job . Great way to supplement your income.

Improve Your Resume

Improve your resume with a gratifying and appreciated work by assisting clients in need of your services.

Work When You Want

Set your schedule. Work mornings, afternoons, weekends or all of the above.

Additional Incentives

Enjoy additional tips from your clients, long term opportunities with our vendor network and higher industry pay rates.

How The Hawque Guard App Works

Accept gigs, complete recommended tasks, write reports  and get paid directly in the app  every two business days

Step 1. Download app from apple or google.

Step 2. Complete the on-boarding process.

Step 3. After approval, accept gigs that you like.

Step 4. Click start once you greet the Member.

Step 5. Click complete once you leave the visit.

As a Hawque Pro, you will provide many different services. As our customer base grows, so will your gig opportunities. 

Realtor Protection 

Protect your realtor clients during open houses as well as their clients assets. 

Event Security

Provide professional event security and cache that matches your clients brand.  

Personal Protection

Help our vendor partners with greeting customers, BOLO details to site security and more.

Work with clients that want bodyguard/EP protection for a dinner, an event and more.  Opportunities also with our EP vendor partners.

Property Security

Atlanta, GA

Making Communities Safe

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