Hawque Security Options

Hawque is a hybrid in regard to security options that we can provide through our platform or our vendor network.  People like options with anything in life, so why should security be any different?

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Hawque Concierge Options

Hawque can provides options ranging from unarmed guards, post certified officers and protection agents on our mobile applications.  For off-app assistance that requires more customized attention, other security services  or projects, we can help with our vendor partners in our network.

Police Officer

Our network consists of a variety of post certified officers.  We actively work to grow our police resources on our platform to help them supplement their lack of income.  We recruit local police, sheriffs, probation and parole officers and continue to grow our network.

Personal Protection

Personal protection agents on our platform or through our vendor network are highly trained and verse in executive protection.  Generally, the resource pool on our platform or in our vendor network are former military or current law enforcement and have been trained in executive protection. 

Security Officer

We strive to ensure that the security officers on our platform or through our vendor network are high quality for our clients.  Security officers must already have the state required training before being active on our system.  The rating system ensures that quality control is kept.

Require hands on assistance, no problem.  We can help!

Some security matters require concierge style assistance and direct attention.  We are here to help you directly if needed, on or off our application to ensure that you, your client, family or business obtains the best user experience.