Atlanta Advisory Board

The board consists of community leaders that have been consistent in their support and work to uplift their communities in the cities that they reside without agenda and in an non-partisan fashion.  We thank them for going on this journey to help support our mission of making communities safer, one neighborhood at a time.

Board Responsibilities:

  • Review all nomination forms and approve and disapprove neighborhoods for participation.

  • Conduct interviews as spokespersons for #SafeATL along with the Hawque leadership.

  • Assist with evangelizing the mission to individuals, local businesses and community organizations for additional support.

  • Identify other improvement programs that can be of benefit from the donations, grants and sponsorships.

  • Remain non-partisan as part of the #SafeATL board to ensure that all decisions are made without agenda and for the betterment of the citizens of Atlanta.

Daphne Jordan

Daphne Jordan is an Atlanta Native and is a NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and Certified to Teach Refuse to Be A Victim (Situational Awareness) Classes. Community activist and also a victim of a home invasion and is on a mission to uplift her community.

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Amber Connor

Amber Connor is a community leader that has been a voice for many in the city of Atlanta around crime related issues, cracks in our legal system around repeat offenders.  Amber has been a beacon of hope to many victims and people that are living in fear due to many factors around crime in Atlanta.

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