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A real estate agent makes a living meeting a complete stranger in an empty home. Hawque is the new  security resource for realtors.  Never feel unsafe or work alone again while doing what you love.

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Hawque Uses

Realtors have used Hawque for open houses, customer meetings and more.  We have worked with licensed agents from Sotheby's, Keller Williams and others since our launch in Atlanta, GA 2019.  Let Hawque help secure you and your clients assets while you do what you love.

Luxury Homes

Criminals often target upscale areas because of the potential payday in high-value items. While it may be true that some neighborhoods are safer than others, you should never let your guard down. Two high-profile murder cases in the last few years involved real estate agents in high-end communities.

Condo Homes

You’re going to be distracted while helping potential buyers at an open house, which provides the perfect window of opportunity for thieves. While you may think walking away from your laptop, tablet, purse, or briefcase for even just a moment is innocent enough, these items can too easily disappear—particularly when you have heavy foot traffic.

Abandoned Properties 

The recent recession hasn't improved safety as agents show properties much more often to make a sale and visit rougher areas for distressed or abandoned properties.  Agents may encounter squatters, angry former homeowners or even encounter abandoned pets that may be aggressive.  

Security Concierge

We have learned that not everyone likes to use mobile apps for services and still want that real interaction.  We only leverage technology and still value people unlike most technology based companies.  Contact us today and we will help schedule your Hawque Pro for you.

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Making Communities Safe

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