These School Districts Have More Security Guards Than Counselors

Many of America’s biggest school districts have prioritized security officers over counselors. In Houston, that means there’s only one counselor for every 1,288 students.

By: Matt Barnum The 74 is a non-profit education news site, devoted to telling the stories of schools, teachers, parents and America’s 74 million kids. 

School security officers outnumber counselors in four out of the 10 largest public school districts in the country —  including three of the top five — according to data obtained by The 74.

New York City, Chicago, Miami-Dade County, and Houston schools all employ more security staff than counselors. New York City, Chicago and Miami-Dade are all among the nation’s five biggest school districts.

Not one of the top 10 districts, where counselors may be particularly beneficial for low-income students, meets the American School Counselor Association’s recommendation of one counselor for every 250 students — most weren’t even close. The nearest to the standard was Hawaii with 274 students for every counselor.

In Houston, there are 1,288 students for every counselor. Meanwhile, the Texas district has one security staffer for every 860 students. Read More

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