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Executive protection is the use of security professionals, such as bodyguards, to protect an individual with elevated risk due to employment, status, associations, or wealth. Executive protection can also include protection of company property, assets, and even an individual's family.

Personal Protection Uses

With our sister firm, Hawque Protection Group, everyday families, women and men, can now have access to elite protection for their everyday needs.  Executive protection has historically been mainly used by VIP's, high net worth individuals, dignitaries, politicians, celebrities and athletes, but with HPG, we can assist the everyday person.

Escort Protection

You have a meeting, dinner, girls night out or event to attend and want protection, we can help.  Our network of trained and vetted protection agents can assist your every need.  They will meet you at your location or at your home and drive you, your client or family to your destination in your own personal vehicle.   

Shopping Trips

Are you planning on shopping and purchasing an expensive item but want protection?  With today's climate and rising crimes, personal protection is the answer for a peace of mind.  Covert options are available so that you, guest, client or family can enjoy yourself while having a peace of mind.

Speaking Engagements 

Do you have speaking engagements with unknown attendees and worry about possible situations or unknown threats?  Church leaders, corporate executives, politicians, business owners and more, we can help.  

Your personal security concierge