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The Future - Autonomous Security Patrols

Hawque is working with Autonomy Blockchain to create a prototype for autonomous security patrol vehicles.  We envision these vehicles being very attractive for smart communities and cities but also law enforcement and security agencies.


Autonomous cars are, at the moment, similar to computers in the 1980s, when there was no internet, no network to connect them all. They are being built and developed so they can work on their own and do the job of driving well.


But they are not being connected to one another or to any network. They are not learning from each-other, they do not communicate and interact between themselves, with our smartphones and with the roads they drive on.

Autonomy is the blockchain secured network where such data exchange can take place.  


We see a large opportunity within the public safety space where these vehicles could greatly enhance a police force that is being hit hard due to retention and recruitment constraints.  Not only law enforcement and the security industry, but we see commercial property developers, private and public entities finding value in this product for a myriad of reasons. 

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How It Works

The autonomous car connects to the Autonomy Private Cloud, similar to how smartphones are always connected to the internet. The protocol through which vehicles connect to the cloud is secured through blockchain.

The vehicle can be controlled to go anywhere through smartphone applications built on top of Autonomy. The vehicle can recognize and interact with other vehicles on the network and it can also exchange data with the smart city infrastructure such as traffic lights, road works, road status, accident reporting, route planning, driving conditions.

Imagine a future with self driving police vehicles or security patrols that are essentially driving data centers.  We envision not only utilizing these for security patrols or law enforcement patrols, but also being able to collect relevant data for cities, communities and private companies while sharing real time to other stakeholders.

When Will It Launch

The Hawque Blockchain Cloud is already in development. In September 2018 our partner company, Autonomy Chain bought and configured a Level 4 capable autonomous research vehicle, a hybrid Lincoln MKZ.

We successfully connected it securely to the our testnet blockchain node, to a processing server and to our Hawque mobile app (available on the app stores for Android and iPhones); we made the vehicle navigate (in a private car park) to any location that the app requested it to go, picking up a passenger and then driving off autonomously to a destination also set on the app.

Although the launch of the main-net is still months off, our progress has been incredible and we have conducted demos all around California including for the city of Lancaster and the LA Sheriffs department.


We are currently testing new features that will be applicable to the public safety arena and the security industry.  The following functionalities are a general overview into the capabilities of the technical solution proposed by our company. The software and hardware solution can detect the following:

  • Guns / weapons / knives (only if out in the open for now, we’re working on a radar solution that could detect concealed ones too):

    • We can detect them and immediately send automatic notifications to anyone (text messages, calls, push notifications on smartphones). 

    • If a school or church or train station / airport can be linked to have their video processed in real time for these, we could send the alerts to people inside a geofenced area.

  • License Plates:

    • Detection and interpretation / reading

    • Upload picture of the vehicle with the license plate 

    • Upload to the server the GPS co-ordinates of where the image was taken

    • Detect model and color of vehicle and compare with license plate / DMV database to see if they match or if the vehicles are stolen (later on, it’s more difficult)

    • Comparing the license plate with a database to find out if it shows as stolen or with any other issues

    • Detect if road tax expiration date is passed

    • Search insurance record to see if vehicle is insured or not (we need access to DMV / insurance data)

    • Search inspection data and find out if vehicle is with a valid inspection or not (need access to DMV)

  • Parking enforcement

    • If the city can provide access to information on which parking spaces are paid for, we can compare the vehicles detected in those spaces with the ones who paid for it and issue parking expiration alerts in the dashboard (maybe some require the input license plate numbers which would make it a lot easier).

    • If possible, we would be happy to map out the streets of the city with the parking spaces and time restrictions for each of those and at the very least signal back to the city which cars are parked in a no-parking zone or during a time period that no one is allowed the park.

    • The difficult task in parking enforcement is knowing if that specific car that we detected has paid or not. We can feed back exact GPS co-ordinates but we don’t know from our system, without information from the city, if that space is paid for right now. 

  • Search & track objects in videos (fixed cameras only):

    • With access to the video cameras from fixed locations, it is possible in the next 6-9 months to track a person based by their clothing (or a vehicle based by their license plate, make, model & color) from one camera to the next and figuring out their movements. This would have to be legal with the local and state laws of course in the city of implementation. 

    • This feature, along with the automatic detection of weapons, can greatly help the police force in preventing or finding suspects a lot faster. It would be like having a watchful eye over all connected cameras installed in the city or community, at all times, without ever being distracted, getting tired and with minimal costs compared to the human cost of monitoring those.

    • Unfortunately, current day CCTV camera monitoring is done mainly after the fact when something has already taken place. If, through software such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, we could notify the city, police force or security of imminent attacks or at least track in real time the crime suspects after something has happened, we hope to reduce crime drastically. 

How We Are Able To Do This

Autonomy Chain has been working with transport technologies and mobility applications for over eight years. In the past two years, they started working on their own autonomous vehicles and building algorithms for the cameras and sensors these are equipped with. We have come to a point where we can apply these algorithms and experience to any video feed and identify objects, people, vehicles, count them, validate data from multiple cameras, report anomalies and many other functionalities.   This data can be shared real time to have provide real time "strategic patrols" through our Hawque Apps.  

We have used machine learning algorithms to train the artificial intelligence computer unit that is either a) installed in the vehicles and connected to the camera or b) in a control centre at our HQ. We train the computers to detect objects by showing them images with and without objects and telling them which ones are right and which ones are not.  

Urban officials dream of a future of “Smart Cities” that use new technologies to gather comprehensive data and algorithms to achievenincreased efficiencysustainability, and safety.

Imagine a commercial property, condo building, neighborhoods or private company location that have multiple cameras and giving them the ability to upload into our blockchain security cloud.  This would essentially provide real time share capabilities of any abnormalities to concierge, security or police the geo-fence location, video or photo through our hawque platforms.  No more after the fact video camera usage.  This is the future and this is where Hawque is going.

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