What types of security can the guards handle?

  • Event Security
  • Apartment/Residential security
  • Personal Security
  • Celebrity Security
  • Religious Facility Security
  • Personal Protection Security
  • Retail security
  • Warehouse security

How will I know who the guard will be in advance?

Hawque requires all security agents to be background checked extensively prior to having access to our platform. These checks are running through thousands of local, state and federal sources. We also conduct random checks throughout the year to ensure nothing but the upmost safety for our clients. Quality is our main focus therefore after each job detail, clients have the option to rate their guard. These ratings are viewed and managed on a consistent basis as anyone that falls below a 3.5 rating goes into probation and a review process. Over 30% of our guards are current or ex-law enforcement officers and former military. You will see some of the guard’s background, car make and photo.

What is the process?

Use our IPhone App, Android App or client dashboard to book security. Fill out the basic information and confirm the booking. A security provider will review the request details that you submitted and either accept or deny the job. Feel free to notify the provider on-site if you have additional instructions through our in-app communication features. Once the job detail is complete, your credit card will be charged and you will be able to rate the guard after the experience. You will also be able to block or favorite that guard depending on your personal experience.

Can I request security 24/7?

Yes, the security resources are available to protect you or your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a resource that is in your favorites isn’t available, you will have multiple others to pick from. Resources on our platform will work all shifts ranging from 1st to 3rd shift depending on their availability.

How do I know they’re going to show up?

In addition to our strict onboarding process, we also have proprietary technology to keep track of the guard’s arrival and routes while working. Push notifications and our GPS tracker will ensure that you are alerted and aware of the guard’s location in route and when onsite. In the unfortunate case a guard doesn’t show up, you have the ability to quickly request another on our platform.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards for payments which are on file after you create your personal or business profile. That said, you won’t get charged until after the booking is completed unless you’re a corporation or client that frequents longer duration bookings. Cancelations are approved up to 24 hours before the booking, otherwise we reserve the right to charge you a portion of the estimated booking to make it worth the providers time.

What is the price for your services?

Price will differ depending the security choice you make within our platforms. No extra charges or hidden fees are applied as you will know exactly what you are paying prior to booking. There are no extra fees for any current or new features that Hawque develops to better streamline your security management.

The security providers hourly prices are very competitive and affordable with a strong focus on quality. We do not have the same overhead a typical security company would charge which allows us to pay more to our contractors and charge less to consumers. Our margins are very minimal in comparison to traditional security companies. With Hawque being a technology company, we can continue to find ways to make your providers services more affordable.

What if I want to advise the guard on how to dress?

When requesting your guard, you have the option to pick a couple of attire options on the platform. Those will range from standard security attire, black suit, business casual, tactical gear or a polo shirt.

How do I request a Bodyguard or Executive Protection?

Special rates could apply and fluctuate depending on the threat level and other pertinent aspects of the job detail. Close protection specialist can be sourced directly from our mobile applications or desktop devices.

Will Hawque provide secure transportation in the future?

We are entertaining several new service offerings that have been requested by our beta testers. Our current focus is on the current offerings, perfecting our process and providing the best customer service and the best employee contractor experience through our technology.

Is Hawque a security company?

We are a technology company with management that have deep security, military and executive protection backgrounds. The owners collective experience includes over 25 years years of security company ownership, executive protection, corporate executive, swat and law enforcement along with military experience.

Our IT team has built mobile applications worldwide, sold prior companies they started to companies such as Amazon as well as international startup sales. We are not a security company but do have the reach of a security company in regard to resources, licenses and insurance. We are solely a technology company that wants to help people to connect to resources they need for a piece of mind.

What type of providers are on your platform?

Hawque currently has security providers ranging from security guards, police officers and executive protection specialist. Each provider group has to complete the hawque onboarding process which ensures that they are up to industry standards. Examples: 1. Police Officers: They must provide documentation that they are in good standing with their department, currently post certified and if there are any disciplinary sanctions. They also go through background checks and provide fact sheets for a deeper review. 2. Security Guards: They must provide us current documentation that they have taken the state required training and certifications to operate in their respective states. 3. Personal Protection Specialists: All providers that have completed personal protection training must provided proof of certification and/or equivalent experience through a CV during the on-boarding process.

Are these providers 1099's or W2's?

All of our providers are 1099's as Hawque is a technology platform that only bridges resources to users. Hawque is finalzing a insurance plan that will cover all providers while active on our mobile platforms as well as their clients.

What are the industry standards for security provider to be on your platforms?

Requirements for Employment: Qualified applicants for the Professional Retail Security Officer position will meet the minimum requirements, as described below:

  • High school diploma or equivalent required;
  • At least 21 years of age;
  • Must possess effective written and oral communication skills;
  • Effectual interpersonal skills across all levels of personnel and the general public in a professional manner; must be able to use initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines;
  • Must be able to frequently prepare written reports within our apps.
  • Must be able to read and understand all operating procedures and instructions;
  • Must be able to obtain a valid Guard License as required in the state for which you are applying;
  • As a condition of employment, employee must successfully complete a background investigation and a post-offer/pre-employment drug/alcohol test;
  • As a condition of continued employment, employee must maintain current active status of all required License at all times, and must carry the license at all times while on duty;
  • Must display exceptional customer service and communication skills;
  • Remain flexible to ever changing environments; adapt well to different situations;
  • Intermediate mobile app skills to utilize innovative, wireless technology at all client sites;
  • Ability to maintain satisfactory attendance and punctuality standard; Limted no calls or no shows allowed.
  • Neat and professional appearance at all times.
  • Ability to provide quality customer service;
  • Ability to handle both common and crisis situations at the client site, calmly and efficiently;
  • Read, understand and clearly speak English; constantly use speech and hearing (correctable to normal level required) in communicating with public, giving and receiving instructions, using phones;
  • Must be able to handle pressure of working with high volume general public (constantly to occasionally depending on your assignment for your client);

What makes Hawque different?

In the past, individuals and business owners had the option of hiring security providers privately or working with a traditional security agency. Hawque combines the affordability of private security with the technology and convenience. We are also social entreprenaurs striving to make a social impact in our communities. Hawque is more than just another technology business as the team are community leaders, former victims of crimes, supporters of law enforcement and strong supporters of veterans. We are doing this for a greater cause beyond ourselves as we want to make an impact globally, starting with the United States.

Can I manage my security remotely?

Our mobile app and client dashboard makes scheduling and management of security providers a breeze. Just enter a time, select the provider and you're done. At the end of the shift you get a work summary and an update on your loved one, asset, property or business. You can schedule services from anywhere in the world within our current operating markets.

Are the security providers and Hawque covered with an insurance policy?

Yes, Hawque has a broad insurance plan that covers the security providers while active on our platforms but also their clients (you). Our coverage includes the United States and Canada. Contact us for more additional information at