Hawque COVID-19 Solutions


We have partnered with some of the  most innovative firms to provide products to address the worlds biggest threat.




•    KN95 rating according to GB2626-2006

•    FDA cleared for surgical apparel

•    Hydrophobic cover and inner layers

•    Adjustable nose clip

•    Ear bands designed for comfort

•    Straps – Blended polypropylene and polyethylene

•    Nose Clip – Polypropylene and aluminum

•    Filter – Polypropylene melt blown

•    Dust Layer  –  Electrostatic fabric

•    Coverweb - Polypropylene spunbond

•    Inner Layer - Polypropylene spunbond

•    Optional Antimicrobial Layer - Puraward Fiber

•    Not made with natural rubber latex

•    Approximate weight of product: 0.23 oz.

•    KN95 rated particulate respirator

•    Meets GB2626-2006  requirements for a minimum 95%        filtration efficiency for solid and liquid aerosols that do            not contain oil.

•    FDA cleared for surgical apparel

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Antimicrobial Fibers:

This respirator (FACEMASK-PWD-CS) is available with Puraward fiber (PWF) technology.  The PuraWard Fiber is a high efficiency fiber embedded with copper and silver ions that jointly attack bacteria and viruses. PuraWard fiber has been successfully applied to air filters, textiles, and respiratory masks approved by the FDA for their antibacterial and antiviral properties in surgical environments. 

Puraward fiber has been tested to remove the following microbials:

•    Intended to be worn by healthcare personnel during              general and plastic surgical procedures.

•    Always follow User Instructions and use in manners as          indicated

•     DO NOT use in industrial settings

•     DO NOT use for gases or vapors (i.e. anesthetic gases            such  as isoflurane or vapors from sterilants such as              glutaraldehyde.)

•     DO NOT use in any manner not indicated in the User              Instructions

 Key Features:

Material Composition:

Approvals and Standards:

Use For:

Do Not Use For:

Puraward fiber has been tested to remove the following microbials:

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  • KN95 Masks: 14,000 MOQ
  • N95 Masks: 50,000 MOQ
   Note: Prices fluctuate and there are additional shipping costs. 



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Our Impact

Hawque has partnered with 501c3, nonprofit partner, Pull Up Neighbor. They have launched an on going initiative to donate PPE to underserved communities and front line responders from the effects of COVID-19. We will donate 10% of our revenue to purchase PPE for underserved communities and front line responders in need directly and indirectly, through Pull Up Neighbor.

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Hawque will also donate free security to neighborhoods that have been overran by crime through our SafeATL program.  Contact us today where you can not only protect your assets, staff and business, but you can also give back through each purchase to a first responder, essential worker or community in need.