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Ambassador Application Questions

I have submitted my Ambassador application, how long until I hear back from Hawque?


The Hawque team will process Ambassador applications on a bi-weekly basis. This will fall on the 15th and end of each month. Only those applicants who have been accepted into the program will be contacted.

What are the qualifications required an Hawque Ambassador?

To qualify for the program, an applicant must:

  • Be a Hawque enthusiast and show that your part of #TeamHawque

  • Have an in-depth knowledge on Hawque products and services

  • Be part of the Beta Test for Hawque services

  • Be socially savvy and passionate about your community being safer

  • Be able to commit at least an hour a week to the program

  • Be active one of these major social media platforms (Linked-in, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)

How do I apply to be a Hawque Ambassador?

You can apply to be a Hawque Ambassador here.

I just started using Hawque, can I still become an Ambassador?

To be an Ambassador, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of Hawque's products and services to advocate on our behalf. If you feel like a Hawque ninja already, apply! If you are still learning, we recommend increasing your knowledge by reviewing our website and using the Hawque app.

Is this a paid position?

No. All Hawque Ambassadors are voluntarily held, but there are plenty of perks!

Ambassador Program Questions


What are the perks of being an Ambassador?

Being an Ambassador has many perks including:

  • Invites to exclusive Hawque events and conferences

  • Exclusive Hawque Ambassador swag and promotional products

  • Gain recognition by being able to share the Ambassador position on LinkedIn and online profiles

  • Get the chance to meet Hawque founders and advisors

  • Gain recognition by speaking on Hawque's behalf at community organizations/events (HOA, Civic Association, Business Associations)

  • Opportunity to obtain Hawque support for local charitable initiatives (must be approved by management).

  • Opportunity to build your own Ambassador committee

What is my time commitment as a Hawque Ambassador?

Hawque will ask that you spend around 1 hour a week participating in the program. This time can be spent advocating on our behalf in your community, engaging with other Ambassadors and your team members or participating in social media outreach.

What are my responsibilities if I become an Ambassador?

A Hawque Ambassador is responsible for:

  • Advocating Hawque products

  • Sharing content to your social networks

  • Providing regional insight and product feed to management

  • Creating a stronger regional presence for Hawque both online and offline

  • Help promote Hawque to security providers (security guards, law enforcement officers, military veterans). The more resources on our platform, the more security your community will have to source

Can I be an Ambassador for less then 1 month?

Unfortunately not, Hawque wants you to get the full Ambassador experience and we feel that you need one month in the program to get it!

After three months, can I still be an Ambassador?

Yes and we would love for you to stay! The three months is only a minimum requirement for joining the program.

What if something happens and I am unable to fulfill my Ambassador responsibilities?

Ambassadors are members of the Hawque family, so we understand when situations arise that disable one from participating in the Ambassador program. You’ll have the chance to connect with your Ambassador lead or Hawque management to discuss leaving the program if need be.


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